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About GBC

The economic, legal, and political systems structures are fundamentally based on contracts, transactions, and records. The purpose of these contracts and transactions are to protect assets and set organisational horizons. These systems, structures, and contracts define identities, integrities and annals events. They administer synergies among communities, individuals, and institutions. However, such demanding and sensitive areas of bureaucracies haven’t kept up with the requisite digital transformation. In a digital sphere, the manner in which we govern and cultivate policy-making jurisdiction has to be revolutionised. The foundation of Global Blockchain Consortium in 2017, London United Kingdom.


Blockchain is a new and advancing technology. Blockchain emerged from the creation of Bitcoin and later widely embraced by other crypto-currencies. However, it has non-financial adoption in abounding sectors. The true limits of blockchain are still unknown and developers and pioneers are in uncharted territory. Our mission is leading institutions and individuals athwart diverse precincts through inventive practices and mass adaptation of blockchain technologies benefiting wider societies. We are campaigning for the awareness of this emerging technology in showcasing palpable real world impact and application.


The crux of Global Blockchain Consortium vision is to promote and revolutionise the blockchain and distruptive-tech ecosystems by bringing together top influencers, individuals, academia and institutions on a uniformed and global platform. Global Blockchain Consortium inspire, promote and advocate ingenious concepts while facilitating organisations in solving global challenges in blockchain and distruptive-tech arena. Global Blockchain Consortium envisage on captivating global interested parties onto a single platform designed for organisations and audience for a socio-economic impact.
Blockchain vows to solve these dilemmas. Blockchain is an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way. As the blockchain ecosystem emerge and contrasting use-cases loom, organisations in all industry sectors will face a convoluted and potentially controversial array of issues, as well as new dependencies. Global Blockchain Consortium is looking to explore the following areas:
Entry to hard-to-access global thinkers and experts
Promote innovation and latest findings from academia researchers
Generate global platforms to highlight achievements from different fields
Exclusive knowledge sharing programs in the developing world
Leapfrog latest research from top universities
Aid designing solutions for project deployments
Provide blockchain technology education on various levels
A global network that provides brand with global visibility
Brand will be positioned in the ultimate cutting-edge space no matter the sector
Align brand on social change programs
Development of blockchain solutions
Design blockchain programs for social change
Impact measurement expertise in various sectors
Guidance and technical support
Expedite peer-to-peer knowledge and support
Facilitate collaboration through networking
Networks to create content and collaboration
Connect local educational institutions to create local capacity
The GBC has been established with the mission of promoting blockchain awareness and education especially in the areas of fintech, disruptive tech and blockchain technologies. Our errand is to work in strategic collaboration with organisations and individuals by revolutionising leading practices and wider adaptation of fintech and blockchain technologies elucidation to aid wider society.

The GBC aim to lead all blockchain pertinent activities on a single, well-equipped platform. There is a strong urge to integrate innovative technologies into communities to help rebuild trust and bring transparency which could be only be achieved by creating the mass campaign, targeted education and connecting organisations with their audience. GBC is also taking initiatives to bridge between academia and industry by widening blockchain adaptation and preparing organisation to revolve in the age of disruptive-tech. GBC envisage providing world class solutions by intelligently connecting service providers with the end users.

Team and Advisors

Dr. Wajid Khan PhD

Dr. Wajid Khan PhD

Co-Founder GBC
Dr. Sheraz Majeed

Dr. Sheraz Majeed

Co-Founder GBC
Aishah MD Selamat

Aishah MD Selamat

Head of Far East Affairs
Ali Syed

Ali Syed

Head of Enterprise and Middle east affairs