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Giuseppe A. Gori

Giuseppe A. Gori

CEO Gorbyte Inc.

Giuseppe Gori, through his involvement in innovation, technology, family, music, church, business, broadcasting and politics, is committed to personal integrity and to promoting the dignity and incredible potential of every human being. He expects YOU to live up to the challenge!

Giuseppe believes that decentralization is the key to solving some of society’s most difficult problems. In government, we have moved from kingdoms to democracies, to allow people more control on their lives. In computer systems architecture, we have moved from centralized mainframes with hundreds of peripherals, to independent PC’s controlled by their end-users.

With crypto-network we are decentralising data on the blockchain and the security aspects of encryption. With new-generation crypto-networks we will decentralize addressability. We thrive in free markets where people make autonomous decisions, not in centralized economies. To believe in decentralization is to believe in people, in their worth, their ability to function, to decide for themselves, to be in control, to become contributing members of society.